An informal discussion that tries to remove misconceptions about online shopping. It also carries a note on shopping as a therapy for the benefit of the readers.

About us- Shopping online can be a great idea for all those who lead a fast life and look for exciting deals. The article tries to put away the fears associated with online shopping and also talks about shopping as a therapy.

Time to explore the new destination of shopping

Shopping online :

Think the concept of purchasing from the digitized medium is over hyped and must be full of loopholes? That it has nothing to offer in the name of fun and is totally hogwash? Keep the skepticism aside and try once. The men and women online shopping portals are sure to make you rethink and change the notion for good. All your worries will be put to rest and you will soon realise it is one of the easiest, friendliest and most economical way of buying things. And it is addictive, too! Just like the movies that hurl you with adrenaline pumping action pieces and keep you glued to the screen- no matter how much you devour, you never get enough of it.

Be it clothes or shoes, cosmetics or accessories, food or books, household essentials or gifting items, it proves to be a great medium to get them all and constantly brings to the platter the latest trends and the best of deals. So the next time you need something or are gripped by the urge to shop online, don’t think twice. Don’t deprive yourself of the thoroughly fantastic experience or subject yourself to unnecessary torture. Hit the button right away. It is time you explore the new destination of shopping and look dapper in the best of fashion.

Online/ offline shopping as a therapy :

The machinations of shopping can have different connotations for different people. Shopping might be ‘just a necessity’ for someone or an activity that he looks forward to accomplishing for himself or somebody else. Various researches show it can be used as a reward, a bribe and employed as a pastime. They also show that stepping into the retail environment or placing an order online works as a great therapy and an even better stress buster for all those who come under the grip of an irritable and unpleasant disposition more often than not. Here the purpose is similar to that of food therapy in which the person gorges on ‘comfort food’ to ward off the deplorable state of mind. In the case of shopping, the buyer ends up getting ‘comfort buys’ for himself or for others that essentially relieves the depression or helps him cope with periods of transition better.

 The bottomline is, whatever be the motive or the medium, shopping can be magical an experience and powerful enough to lift your spirits when they go south. What are you waiting for?

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